Eastern Connecticut State University’s “Eastern Chamber Singers” have once again brought their music to audiences outside the University, showcasing their talent in an inspiring vocal performance with singer and songwriter Josh Groban, on Sept. 26 at the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, CT. The ensemble accompanied Groban on “Anthem” as well as “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” both from his new “Stages” album.
Eastern Chamber Singers were recruited for the performance, having been the top recommended ensemble in the area. “I am elated that Eastern Chamber Singers’ reputation in the music community has reached such heights that we were sought out for this concert,” said David Belles, conductor of the Eastern Chamber Singers. “It is a reminder that hard work, focus and dedication to excellence pays off in the most unexpected ways.”
“It feels absolutely unreal to have been part of this experience,” said English major Tiara Lussier ’19. “It’s amazing coming in as a new student at Eastern, becoming part of such a welcoming group, and only a few weeks into the semester, getting an email saying ‘change of plans, we’re singing with Josh Groban!’ It was a very enlightening experience; it made me realize that music really is what I want to do in life.”