All Regional Initiative Grants (REGI) MUST be submitted using the online portal at on or before 11:59pm, March 22, 2017. E-mail and paper submissions will not be accepted. Applicants must create an account, or if an account already exists then sign in using your email and password

If you are a returning user: Log in. Select “View My Submissions”. Scroll down and click “Create New Submission”. Select “FY18: Regional Initiative (REGI) grant program” from the drop-down menu. Enter name of grantee. Click “Get Started” and proceed with application

If you are a new user: Create account by clicking “Sign up”. Complete registration page. When on the registration page, be sure to select the category “FY18: Regional Initiative (REGI) grant program” from drop-down menu. You will receive a confirmation email from FluidReview. Once in FluidReview, click “Create a New Submission”. Enter name of grantee. Click “Get Started” and proceed with application

Eligible applicants must reside in Connecticut and be one of the following:

  • Artist – An artist may apply independently or with a fiscal sponsor
  • Arts Organizations with 501(c)(3) status or with a fiscal sponsor
  • 501(c)(3) non-arts organization with a history of conducting successful arts projects
  • Municipal Departments
  • School Districts or Individual Schools
  • Libraries
  • Colleges and Universities

Should grantees have any questions about their applications, please call 860.428.3892 and ask for Shonya or email:

Current Grant Opportunities 

Supporting Arts in Place (FY18)

Operating support for eligible arts organizations and municipal arts departments. Matching grants provide funding allocations derived from organizational data and are calculated by a mathematical formula.

Program Guidelines

 Deadline:  on or before 11:59 pm, March 15, 2017

Arts Learning Grants (FY18)

Supports teaching and learning in, about, and through the arts through high-quality arts engagement, arts integration, arts exploration and discovery experiences.  Focused on PK-12 schools, Arts Learning Grants provide funding in three (3) distinct categories:

  • Access – Exposure to the arts through field trips, school or classroom visits, performance(s), “informance(s)” and/or lecture demonstrations by artists or artist groups or arts venues.  Grant amount:  $700.
  • Connection and Correlations – Extension of arts Access experiences that begin to make connections between the arts experience and PK-12 curriculum.  Grant amount:  $3,000
  • Integration – Sequential arts learning experiences that weave ideas and concepts between and among arts and non-arts disciplines, effectively advancing knowledge and/or skills in an arts discipline while concurrently advancing knowledge and/or skills in other disciplines.  Grant amount:  $5,000

Program Guidelines


  • Rolling deadline for Access grants.  Program will close when all funds are expended.
  • on or before 11:59 pm, March 15, 2017 for Connection/Correlations and Integration categories.

Project Grants (FY18)

Supports arts-based projects of artistic excellence that are aligned with our READI framework (Relevance, Equity, Access, Diversity and Inclusion) See “What is READI” below.  Matching grant requests range between $5,000 and $15,000.


Program Guidelines

Deadline:  on or before 11:59 pm, March 22, 2017


Regional Initiative Grants (FY18)

Supports small arts-based projects that demonstrate artistic excellence and are in alignment with our READI framework (Relevance, Equity, Access, Diversity and Inclusion). See “What is READI” below.  Funding of projects is regionally distributed throughout the state with partnership support from Regional Service Organizations. Matching grant requests range between $1,000 and $4,000.


Program Guidelines

Deadline:  on or before 11:59 pm,  March 22, 2017


Artist Fellowship Awards (FY18)

Recognizes the artistic excellence of Connecticut artists of all disciplines.

Program guidelines and application will be available on March 1, 2017.
Deadline:  May 17, 2017


*All grants funds are dependent on state and federal annual appropriations as allotted by the Governor, the Connecticut General Assembly, and the National Endowment for the Arts, therefore, all grant monies are contingent on availability.



What is READI?


The Connecticut Office of the Arts will insist upon using the lenses of relevance, equity, access, diversity, and inclusion to guide programmatic and investment decisions within a framework of artistic excellence. Here are our definitions of what that means to us:


Relevance:  Meaningful or purposeful connection to one’s aspirations, interests, or experiences in relation to current society or culture. We commit to a culture that supports curiosity, action and awareness in, about, and through the arts.


Equity:  Policy and practice that is fair and just. Our processes and systems are designed to insure that we distribute resources without bias. We commit to a level playing field for constituents to access the resources in our control and the systems we can influence. 


Access:  We will create pathways that invite participation and communication and that provide opportunities for constituents from all populations. We commit to cultivating channels for engagement on all levels for all people.


Diversity:  A mosaic of individuals offering unique perspectives and experiences influenced by their ethnic, cultural, social, economic and ability backgrounds. As Malcolm Forbes says, “Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.” We commit to enhancing creativity through diversity.


Inclusion:  Active participation by constituents who represent and reflect the communities we are all a part of. We commit to building a community that is respectful and responsive to the diverse talents, skills and abilities of all people. 


We acknowledge that artistic excellence and merit are very hard to define, so in lieu of having a static definition we are leaning on resources from the field to guide our interpretation of what artistic excellence means.  Here are two of the articles we go back to when grappling with what artistic excellence means:
Divining ‘Artistic Excellence

National Endowment for the Arts’ ART WORK grant review guidelines