It’s a fact: Many artists who have submitted their artwork to Heaven Art Gallery are getting numerous benefits every month.  Whether entering our Regular Monthly Exhibits or our challenging Monthly Contest & Exhibit, here’s what the artists get . . .

• Exposure for their artwork in a real, brick-and-mortar, 1,720 square foot prestigious art gallery in the famous Scottsdale Art District.

• The opportunity to have visitors purchase prints of their artwork from Heaven Art Gallery with a 40% commission.  This includes small prints to large format specialty prints on photopaper, acrylic, canvas and metallic that can produce commissions to the artist in excess of $1,000 per piece.

• Artists are publicizing the fact that their artwork is on exhibit at Heaven Art Gallery.  They use this as a marketing tool on their websites, Facebook pages, Twitter, blogs, and other social media.  It gives them great credibility and is impressive to the people with whom they are communicating.

• Our Monthly Contest & Exhibit winners get a Showcase Winners Exhibit on a dedicated display in the gallery for two months.  They are proud to announce this accomplishment and to add it to their Artist Profiles, resumes, websites and experience credentials.

• Many artists love that they can keep their original artwork but still sell print reproductions at Heaven Art Gallery. 

• Some artists just exhibit their work at Heaven Art Gallery for exposure and request that we mark their work ‘Not For Sale’.  They retain their original art but get to promote the fact that they are on exhibit at a prominent art gallery.  This alone increases the value of their work. 

• Artists realize they are getting double exposure of their artwork — it not only appears in our gallery but is concurrently on exhibit on our website.  Artists can direct people to see their work on-line or to stop by the gallery if they are in the area.  Either way, visitors can order quality fine art prints directly from Heaven Art Gallery at any time.

• Finally, artists from around the world are letting us know that their participation at Heaven Art Gallery has been a tremendous personal accomplishment, an exciting venue they can be proud of, and a valuable opportunity to gain exposure and recognition for their artwork.

Take a serious look at submitting your art to Heaven Art Gallery and let visitors take a look at your art!

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