KATHLEEN ZIMMERMAN & HER ARTISTS LIVE PROJECT: Artists Live is a visual arts program, which features award-winning Connecticut artists in month-long exhibitions starting the first Friday of each month from March through December except for August throughout 2017. It will take place at 23 Royce Circle in downtown Storrs, Connecticut. Each participating Artist, will be “live” the final Friday of their month of exhibition for an artist discussion with Kathleen Zimmerman at 5 pm followed by a reception at 6 pm, which is open and free to the public. The one exception is Kathleen, due to site being closed for Thanksgiving weekend. Kathleen partnered with the Mansfield Downtown Partnership and they were jointly awarded the State of Connecticut’s Office of the Arts Regional Arts Grant to create this program.
Kathleen Zimmerman is the ninth of the series of ten artists. Her work is on exhibit November 3rd through November 30th. Kathleen’s love affair with form is evident in all of my work. The way she sees and works with the underlying shapes of her subject matter was appreciated throughout school. This appreciation earned her artistic merit scholarships and academic grants from the University of Hartford Art School in West Hartford, Connecticut, where she received her fine arts degree. She has worked professionally and privately in the fields of art casting, carpentry, metal fabrication, printmaking and teaching while continuing to earn awards, memberships on merit and gallery representation.
Kathleen’s art is the way she explores ideas concerning both day-to-day life as well as more profound ideas surrounding relationships, stages of life and culture. It is a meditative practice of sorts that helps her stop and think about issues that are of interest to her. The act of creating artwork forces her to slow down and think through an idea. As she works she finds layers of meaning, both intentional and unintentional, become apparent filling her with delight and wonder. She creates her work in series’, such as “Cosmic Cow, Dance, East West and Space”, so she can fully investigate each subject. The size of the series is determined by what she needs to think through and what holds her interest. Over the years Kathleen has developed a personal visual language that uses symbolism and surrealism to transform her subject matter into archetypal images giving her work a mythical quality, which is accessible to others while remaining intimately personal.
A couple of her favorite quotes from historically important artists provide clues to what she has found to be important in her life as an artist.
“To create one’s world in any of the arts takes courage.”      Georgia O’Keeffe
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo da Vinci
For more information about the artist and her work visit her website:
Sponsored by: Connecticut Office of the Arts, NEA and WindhamArts