regional arts meetings

Regional Arts meetings are vital to the health of our arts community!

Save the Date! All our locations and dates for our next round of regional arts meetings have been confirmed. All meetings begin at 12 noon except for the Sterling Library meeting which begins at 1 pm.

John Murphy will provide news about Windham Arts and information about state arts funding for the next year, including new grant opportunities. Meetings provide networking opportunities for mutual support with individual artists and arts groups sharing information about their activities.

In his new role as Program Director John has expanded media efforts to provide increased exposure for all people involved with the arts in our region. This includes local print, radio and TV. During the meetings he will schedule interviews on local radio and TV programs—& looks forward to sharing stories of your work and to promoting your local meetings and events.

Please join John at these meetings, it will be great to meet you and celebrate the spirit we share in our good work for the arts community all over the northeast region.

Upcoming Meetings:

Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Hilltop Restaurant – 39 Adamec Rd
Willington, CT 06279

Thursday, November 16, 2017
Sterling Public Library – 1183 Plainfield Pike
Oneco, CT 06373

Friday, November 17, 2017
85 Main Restaurant – 85 South Main St
Putnam, CT 06260

Monday, November 20, 2017
Willimantic Town Hall– Second Floor Conference Room
979 Main St,
Willimantic, 06226

Agenda includes:
  1. Introduction and Opening Remarks
  2. Brief Introductions from Participants—Highlights/Needs
  3. The Value and Importance of Quarterly Meetings—A Group Conversation
  4. Information/Q&A Re: State Office of the Arts Update
  • Budget Results for the Arts
  • DRSO—Status of Designated Regional Service Organizations
  • Status of State Tourism Districts
  • Status of REGI Grants
  • CT Makes Music Day 2018
    5. Information Q&A Re: Windham Arts Update
  • Fall Schedule of Quarterly Meetings—November 15-20
  • Once in A Blue Moon Music Jam June 2017
  • 4th Annual Arts & Crafts Festival 2017
  • Maple Festival—in Hebron—March 2018
  • Artist Pages on Website—Media Links—
  • Community Calendar
  • Radio and TV Content Production/Distribution
    • WILI Radio in Willimantic 1400 AM + 95.3 FM (1 hour weekly)
    • WECS Radio at Eastern Connecticut State University 90.1 FM (3 hours weekly)
    • Local TV Program Series/Channel 192—Charter Public Access (weekly + online 24/7)
  • Annual Meeting: January or February 2018
    • Volunteer of the Year Recognition—All Four Regions
  • Creating a Program Committee/Volunteers/Increase Local Engagement
  • Town/Locally Based (Goal = one representative per service area town)
  • Survey of Needs and Artist Census for Entire Region
  • Arts Collaboration with Positive Expression—Exhibition at State Capitol January 2018
  • How can Windham Arts do more for individuals or arts groups?
  1. Other Opportunities
  • Collaborations—Grant Options/Models
  • Other Arts Groups and Related Activities/Events

I look forward to sharing all of this with you in many ways, and to renewing and energizing the spirit of service to the arts community in our region that is the heartbeat of Windham Arts. Please stay in touch!