We are excited to announce that the 28th annual Hebron Maple Festival will take place March 17-18, 2018!

Free to the public.

For an updated list of Hebron Maple Fest Activities & Events Please Visit www.hebronmaplefest.info

























































Hebron Historical Society 29th Annual Quilt Show

The Hebron Historical Society is sponsoring its 29th annual Quilt show during the Hebron Maple Festival, March 17 & 18, 2018.  We look forward to displaying your work! As you know, the show is always well attended and eagerly anticipated.  Attendance is good both days, especially in nice weather.

We invite you to submit quilted articles for sale.  This feature was instituted a few years ago and seems to be catching on.  Cashsales will be accepted.  If you submit items for sale, we will consider them as consignment items and deduct 20% of the sale price from your proceeds.  You will receive cash for your sold items after the show on Sunday.

HHS Quilt display form

HHS Quilt sales form

Quilt sales and fundraiser info sheet


Thank You To Our Hebron Maple Fest Sponsors

Platinum Sponsors:










Gold Sponsors:

Wireless Zone | Hebron Veterinary Hospital | Gina Marie’s Restaurant |  Potter Funeral Home | WILI | The Chronicle | Picture Perfect Landscape

 Silver Sponsors:

Wenzel Sugarhouse | Woodyacres Sugarhouse | Rivers Edge Sugarhouse | Eversource
Chris the Gutter Guy | Logistics Consulting


If you are interested in being a vendor at this event please download & fill out the vendor form HERE

Food Vendors Please fill out this form as well.

Vendors Information:

The Chamber of Commerce, Inc. will be your host for the event. We are a non-profit organization with a mission to help organizations and businesses be more successful. The Town of Hebron is a member of the Chamber, and as such, we are here as a partner to help organize and grow this wonderful tradition and event.

We are fully insured for this event. However, our insurance does not cover the cost of lost, damaged or stolen property so please do not leave valuables unattended throughout the event.

Event fees help pay for the overall costs of the festival including police, buses, toilets, advertising, printing and signage. The fees are the same for businesses and non-profits.

Guests are looking for maple flavored items so please try to have something “maple” in your booth if you are serving food.

Vendor spaces are approximately 10’ x 10’ and all of them are outdoors on pavement. You must provide your own tables, tablecloths, signage, tents and other equipment. If you use a tent, and we strongly encourage that you do, please make sure you have weights to hold down the legs in wind.

Vendors must be present for BOTH days of the event. If you leave early you will not be invited back. Your absence and empty space takes away from the flow and success of the event and reflects poorly on the remaining vendors.

The event is rain/snow or shine. We watch the weather forecasts very carefully. We will hold the event in the snow or the rain. ONLY if there is a blizzard will we cancel or postpone the event. If there is a blizzard forecast for one of the days (like Sunday) we may hold the event on the other day (Saturday) and cancel the blizzard day.

Advertising & Sponsorships are also available!