Elections are a great time to talk about the strengths and challenges our state faces and the vision for our community. While candidates spend lots of time talking about jobs, the economy, and education, they rarely talk about arts and culture as part of their vision. Seeing the need to make arts and creativity part of the discussion, Connecticut Arts Alliance (CAA) and the Connecticut Alliance for Arts Education (CAAE) are launching Create the Vote CT, a nonpartisan public education campaign to raise awareness and support for the arts among voters and candidates running for public office.

Create the Vote CT is for organizations, businesses, and individuals to raise arts and culture in the conversation around elections.

The campaign was established by arts, cultural, and creative institutions and leaders. Organizations, businesses, and individuals are welcome to join the effort to raise arts and culture in the conversation around elections.


  • Educate the candidates about arts and culture
  • Educate voters about arts and culture
  • Tell the story of arts and culture and the impact we have on the state
  • Strengthen the creative community in the state


  • ARTS DRIVE THE ECONOMY: Connecticut’s non-profit creative sector supports 23,000 jobs and generates $800 million annually
  • ARTS EDUCATE: Arts education increases academic achievement across all academic disciplines
  • ARTS BUILD COMMUNITY: Arts and culture enhance community development; spur urban renewal; attract new businesses; draw tourism dollars; and create an environment that attracts skilled, educated workers and builds our third millennium workforce


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  • Use your Arts Voice! Ask the candidates questions about arts and culture. Raise your hand, tweet at the candidates, email them, and post questions to their Facebook pages about their positions on arts, culture and creativity.

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