From John Murphy, Executive Director

To All Artists, Crafts-persons and Food Artisans

Windham Arts has a chance transform a 5300 square-foot store area at East Brook Mall into an arts space. A large area with a combination emporium, gallery and arts store. We are doing feasibility research and determining the level of interest in sharing space with us.

Thanks to everyone who replied to our first announcement about this unusual opportunity!

I was happily surprised and encouraged by how many of you responded with interest. There was a high enough level of interest for us to continue researching and planning to determine if this is something people will actively support or participate in. We must be careful to do this in a manner that is successful for artists and sustainable for Windham Arts to invest its resources in. I am keeping the faith and the light on in the window….

All you need to do now is send me an email to add your name to the list of interested people. Let me know! No obligations, just let us know you want to learn more and how you might participate:

  1. Are you interested primarily in the holiday season, or possibly sharing space with us afterward?
  2. Would you prefer a one month rental plan or three months with a discount?
  3. Is a 10 x 10 area adequate to meet your display needs? This is our initial floor-plan size.
  4. Are you interested in selling art, or crafts or food?
  5. Would you like to host an opening, arts event, class or workshop at our location?

If you are interested please include your phone in your reply so we can communicate in a timely way. Like I said, time is of the essence right now. We are thinking about opening this space on November 1 if there is adequate interest, energy and commitment from artists.

Keep checking our website and your inbox for more news and every week The Windham Arts Radio Review program on WILI will share news and info, Wednesdays from 5-6 pm at AM 1400 and 95.3 FM. Give a listen, share your news, be a guest!

Regards, John

John Murphy
Executive Director