Classes are up-and-running, and creativity abounds at the Capitol Theater! There is still time for your young dancers to join our “Contemporary Ballet” class with instructor extraordinaire Sarah Roberts Mallory. Feeling goofy or know someone who is? Join our “Building a Scene” workshops with Mallory Bagwell. CTAA’s Youth Dance Performance Ensemble is available for community performances.

Contemporary Ballet comes to CTAA!
Join instructor Sarah Roberts Mallory in exploring all the aspects of Modern Dance and its intersections with Ballet. Students will explore a variety of classical modern dance techniques while expanding their experience in improvisation, composition and partnering. Students’ movement vocabulary, developed in Ballet, will be built upon in order for them to add to the contemporary dance community. This class will participate in The Nutcracker with “The Arabian Dance.”

Contemporary Ballet
Instructor: Sarah Mallory
Thursdays | 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Ages: 10+ or 3 years or more of experience.
Cost: $165
Class begins on Thursday, September 27!
To register call 860-465-5636 x1023 or click here.

Building a Scene:
Collect the Whole Act!
Ages 8-108
Dates & times vary; please see listing under each session
Instructor: Mallory Bagwell
Fee: $15/workshop or $50 for all 4 workshops
Pre-registration is recommended for these workshops.
To register call 860-465-5636 x1023 or click here.

Saturday | September 29
11 a.m.-12 p.m.
Learn to juggle in 1,800 seconds! Older than seven? You’ll learn. Any age at all? You’ll still learn. It’s like weaving objects in the air. Learn the basic three-ball juggling cascade pattern. Know how to juggle? Come on down and learn advanced patterns and ensemble moves. Guaranteed to be some of the best 5,000 seconds of your life.

The Goo of Childhood
Saturday | October 20
11 a.m.-12 p.m.
Come make your own slime, silly putty, play-dough, and other tactile delights of kid-dom. A not-to-be-missed classic just in time for Halloween. Not for the squeamish!