Do CT’s young people really want to live downtown? How can this demand be quantified and tapped?  What advice can town officials and developers give them about creating the change they want to see in their neighborhoods?

Come share your opinion on these and other downtown development topics at one of our forums.  Moderated by Jason Vincent, Vice President of Norwich Community Development Corporation, these dynamic discussions are sure to be lively and informative.

Connecticut needs as many young people as it can get, to drive our workforce and economy now and in the future, and to help foster interesting communities that will be magnets for economic growth and vitality. These town hall-style workshops will give young people the chance to tell officials and developers what will draw them to live in Connecticut’s downtowns. Through facilitated discussion, municipalities, planners and local officials will be able to gain insight into this demographic and provide guidance on how young adults can influence the design and growth of their communities. Join the dialogue to offer your thoughts and expertise as young adults and downtown professionals come together to find practical solutions that benefit everyone who plays and stays downtown.


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