On Display:
November 27 – January 12

Opening Reception:
Friday December 6th, 6-8pm

About the Exhibit:

“May you find, within my art, kinship in the unacquainted, and share with me something beautiful- and familiar- in an all too anonymous world” -Jennifer Lou Flanagan

Jennifer Lou Flanagan’s encaustics combine melted beeswax with pure pigment incorporated with ephemera, found objects, and vernacular photography to create a collection of paintings that appear personal and anonymous at the same time. Each piece is painterly, multi layered and mixed media. Jennifer’s work is influenced deeply by her love of the daguerreotype; an obsolete photographic process dating back to 1837.

Says Flanagan: “My quest as an artist is to capture and preserve an essence of the human experience that I can only describe as an inner begging for connectedness to another human being. I have blended confrontational imagery and the paradoxically ‘lost history’ of ‘found’ daguerreotypes and other nameless ephemera together with paint, words, photography, collage and wax pallets. Included too, is the hope that my paintings are able to trace a connection, unveil a common bond; trigger some sort of universal memory for the viewer”.

Jennifer Flanagan is a third generation native of Los Angeles, California. She studied painting with John Hatch and received her BFA Cum Laude from the University of New Hampshire. Her extensive travels heavily influence her work, which has been exhibited throughout the United States, England, France, Haiti, French Polynesia, and Japan. Jennifer has a unique ability to project her personality into each painting while beckoning the viewer to share her joy in nature, nostalgia and simplicity. Her paintings have an innate power and draw strength from the artist’s ability to express what it is to be human and alive.

Her new work- both encaustic and art jewelry- is multidimensional; incorporating found objects and photography. Blurring the boundaries between anonymous and familiar she creates work that is rich in personal history and full of emotion.

Jennifer Flanagan lives in Pomfret Center, CT with her husband and two children, Huckleberry and Louella.

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