Self absorbtion or self expression? How do you see yourself?

This is the question the Empty Spaces Project is asking for their upcoming exhibit, The Selfie, opening April 1st at The Empty Spaces Project / Gallery On Main Street, Putnam, CT.

In April, the Gallery will collaborate with the general public, for the first time, with an exhibition of “Selfies”, curated by Ann Monteiro and Paul Toussaint.

The exhibition will feature a photographic as well as an all art medium installation. The Gallery expects hundreds of submissions locally, around the US and Europe, as social media tends to drift. Each submission, a unique look at the highly popularized concept of the “selfie.” Toussaint and Monteiro aim to approach the long history of self-portraiture, established by diverse artists including Courbet, Rembrandt, and Van Gogh, through a modern lens, a mobile phone.

The Gallery will exhibit the installation thru April 30th. This exhibit will precede the Gallery On Main Street’s largest event to date, an exhibition of the 2014 Mobile Masters Proof Contest Winners, to be announced by Dan Marcolina and Paul Toussaint at The 2014 MacWorld/iWorld Conference in San Francisco this March.

We are seeking high quality artwork of all mediums. Please read the details of the rules below BEFORE you send your submission fee.