District releases interactive, online Mystic Country Major Events Calendar

The Eastern Regional Tourism District (ERTD) has released its first comprehensive, online, interactive guide to major regional events and happenings through December 2015. The online magazine format is accessible at issuu.com/mysticcountryct. A limited number of printed calendars has been sent out to hotels, inns, B&Bs, welcome centers, etc. as a resource to refer to when guests ask “What’s Happening” in the region. General managers and innkeepers should watch their mail over the next few days, and use the copies at the front desks, concierge desks and sales offices.

The publication will be updated online for the 2015 fall and winter/holiday season, with the next printing scheduled for January 2016. Deadline for 2016 event consideration is November 9, 2015.


Reach thousands of international tour operators & consumers with the Discover New England Travel Guide
Deadline August 3, 2015

The International traveler is a large and growing market. Nearly 1.8 million overseas visitors come to New England every year, and every year visits continue to grow. Overseas visitors spend an average of 10.6 nights in New England and drop $1.74 billion in the region. That’s 5 times higher than domestic travelers! International visitation to the US set a record in 2014 with 7% growth over 2013. The 2016 Official Discover New England Travel Guide will be distributed in the UK and Ireland, Germany and Japan. The German and Japan editions will be translated. Join Mystic Country as a co-op partner and enjoy a discount of 10% off of current rates. Space reservation deadline: August 3. Materials due: August 7. Click here for more information and rates.

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Take 10% off of all rates for all editions. Contact Janice Putnam at jputnam@mysticcountry.com for more information.
Partner with Mystic Country on the Road

If you are interested in promoting your property in front of hundreds of travel planning decision-makers at regional, national and international trade shows, then partner with the District as we travel around the country promoting all that our region has to offer visitors. Click here to view the new schedule of travel trade shows then contact the District for more info or to sign up.


Planning ahead: Important Deadlines

To download the new 2015/2016 Mystic Country Editorial Calendar, click here.

National press deadlines: Throughout the year, the Eastern Regional Tourism District notifies national publications and press of major events happening in eastern Connecticut. Writers are currently on deadline for their January, February, March stories. Don’t miss this opportunity for FREE press!
Mini-promotions: The Eastern Regional Tourism District publishes two or more mini-promotions on mystic.org every month. These mini-promos are based around tourism trends, major holidays or the current season and can include everything from lodging packages to events. Theme is the key. Review the editorial calendar above and contact rita@mysticcountry.com if you believe you have an event, attraction or lodging package that fits the theme.
Mystic Country Major Events Calendar Updates: The online event calendar publication will be updated for the fall season (second busiest season in Mystic Country) and the holidays. If you have a large (event that draws 1,000 people or more) or unique event during these time periods, please submit it for consideration to rita@mysticcountry.com.


U.S. Travel reports on 2015
After a disappointing start to the year in the first quarter, clear signs of improvement offer solid evidence that the economic expansion is back on track—job growth and consumer confidence have picked up, personal disposable income and consumer spending have also showed improvement. At the same time, inflation remains tame. more>

Realtors linked to Trail Brochures

Thank you to John Bolduc of Eastern Connecticut Association of Realtors (ECAR) for providing a link on the ECAR website to the Mystic Country Trail Brochures. Click here to view. We hope others will do the same. These brochures are a great tool to show visitors and residents of all there is to see and do in Eastern Connecticut. Call the office at 860-536-8822 if you need the links.

Norwich Heritage & Regional Visitors’ Center call for volunteers

The Norwich Heritage and Regional Visitors’ Center is seeking individuals who have an interest in Norwich’s History and a desire to learn more. They are looking for time commitments of at least one three-hour shift per week from either 10am-1pm or 1pm-4pm. For more information contact Regan Miner at minerregan@gmail.com or 860-917-8478.