Get your lucky markers out! The Windham Theatre Guild invites you to play Bingo along with the cast of Bingo! The Winning Musical, opening Friday, March 18th at the Burton Leavitt Theatre.

Bingo is about a group of die-hard bingo players who stop at nothing to miss their weekly game. In between the number calling, strange rituals and fierce competitions, love blossoms and long lost friends reunite. These lovable characters spring to life with a smart, funny script and bouncy, hummable score. Bingo turns Grandma’s favorite form of gambling into a fun-loving musical.

Directing Bingo is Kerin Griffin, who previously directed Waiting For Oprah. Musical Director is Ken Clark.

Bingo! The Winning Musical runs from March 18th to April 9th at the Burton Leavitt Theatre, 779 Main Street, Willimantic.  Not only does the audience get to play Bingo but they will also be competing for prizes.  You don’t want to miss this opportunity to combine Bingo night with an evening of musical theatre.

For performance dates, show times and ticket prices, call 423-2245 or visit