United Way Volunteer Budget Coaching is here for you!  During a four-month period, your personal, trained budget coach will help you learn to:

  • Track expenses to create and use a budget,
  • Identify ways to tackle expenses and prioritize spending, and
  • Make an action plan to pay bills on time, reduce debt and save.

So far, 100 percent of program participants said that they learned better money management skills.

“I felt a little vulnerable,” Stephen says of joining United Way’s Volunteer Budget Coaching program, “but my volunteer coach was very non-judgmental, and he helped me take a step back, look at my finances and make a plan. I had my own goals, what I wanted to accomplish, and they changed a lot when I got together with Mike.” says Stephen. “If I was on my own trying to do this, it really wouldn’t have happened.” Read his full story: UnitedWayInc.Org/Stephen

If your household income is between $20,000 (individual) and up to $111,000 (household with four people), you are eligible to participate. Income eligibility guidelines are based on the household stability budget for a family of four, reported by Connecticut United Way’s in the 2014 ALICE report.

United Way Volunteer Budget Coaching is offered partnership with Connecticut Women’s Education and Legal Fund and Women’s Business Development Council, with support from The Prudential Foundation.

Learn more and apply now: UnitedWayInc.Org/UWBudgetCoaching