IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING FY18 ARTS GRANTS:Grant notification for Supporting Arts in Place, Arts Projects, Regional Initiative, and Arts Learning is currently scheduled for after January 18, 2018. Grant notification for the Artist Fellowship program is currently scheduled for after February 5, 2018.

We appreciate your continued patience as we work through the final review and approval process of the various grant programs following the recent approval of our FY18 state budget.

The Connecticut Office of the Arts (COA) promotes teaching and learning in, about, and through the arts, through high quality arts engagement, arts integration, arts exploration and discovery experiences. 

Through its Higher Order of Thinking (HOT) Schools program, COA has developed a “Continuum of Practice” to serve as a guide for PK-12 schools to self identify their current practice in arts learning, and through its Arts Learning Grants COA provides opportunities for schools to advance along the arts learning continuum.

Focused on PK-12 schools, Arts Learning Grants provide funding in three (3) distinct categories:

  • Access – Exposure to the arts through field trips, school or classroom visits, performance(s), “informance(s)” and/or lecture demonstrations by artists or artist groups or arts venues.
  • Connection and Correlations (CC) – Extension of arts Access experiences that begin to make connections between the arts experience and PK-12 curriculum.
  • Integration – Sequential arts learning experiences that weave ideas and concepts between and among arts and non-arts disciplines, effectively advancing knowledge and/or skills in an arts discipline while concurrently advancing knowledge and/or skills in other disciplines.

















FY18 Arts Learning Guidelines (PDF)
Access budget form (Excel)
Connection/Correlation budget form (Excel)
Integration budget form (Excel)

How to Apply instructions are in the program guidelines.
For more information or questions, please contact
Bonnie Koba via email at