Americans for the Arts and National Consortium for Creative Placemaking (NCCP) today announced a new partnership to develop and implement the upcoming National Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit taking place in College Park, Maryland from October 5-7, 2018.

The National Summit, at the end of its season of four regional summits, provides a rich national dialogue oriented toward local impact. The CPL Summits aim to attract at least 1,000 key influencers this year alone. The planning teams consist of more than a dozen state agencies, regional arts organizations, universities, and influential nonprofit organizations.

Americans for the Arts will join as a Regional Partner to provide input on content; local insight to the Maryland, District of Columbia and Northern Virginia area; marketing support; and funding connections. Americans for the Arts will be on the committee of 25 partners in the development of the October National Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit.

NCCP began the Creative Placemaking Leadership Summits (CPL Summits) as singular events in New Jersey from 2015-2017, and has now expanded the summits’ reach to all corners of the continental US: the Southeast/Appalachia, West, Northeast, Pacific, and the Midwest regions.

The CPL Summits provide influential discussions, hands-on workshops, and networking events to people from around the country who are interested in building their communities through arts and cultural programming. Throughout the two- or three-day summits, attendees access a platform of the cross-pollination of ideas, disciplines, and cultures to come together and learn from one another in a creative, friendly, and positive atmosphere. Everyone is encouraged to share ideas and learn from one another. NCCP believes that while not one person knows everything, everyone knows something and should contribute to the building of this rapidly growing field. For more information, visit