Join Bill Dougal this coming weekend for two special events!

On Saturday, November 24th at 2pm Bill will be hosting “Fast Draw Fun” workshop.

“Bill Dougal presents a fun easel show about shapes, and what a creative artist can do with them. Kids love the presentation, but grown-ups get a kick out of the drawing tricks too. Bill draws things, and shows how imagination can turn them into other things. As geometrical shapes are the basis for drawing things, viewers learn a bit about how to draw. They also smile as they see the magic of Bill’s markers!”

Register Here For Fast Draw Fun!

Join us again on Sunday, November 25th at 2pm for Bill Dougal’s children book signing “Hat Full of Fun”.

” Words and illustrations were both done by Bill Dougal in his recently published ‘Cowboy Billy’s Hat Full of Fun’. It is comprised of poems, stories and songs, illustrated with cartoon art and photos. The variety ranges from silly to serious. Dougal’s cartoon-style illustrations are friendly, fun and colorful. This book is written with syllables, rhythm and rhyme in mind, so the lines flow easily, like a song. In fact most do appear as songs in the “Hat Full of Fun”, OK Corral Videos, and “Cowboy Billy Sings” audio.”

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