From:   John Murphy, Executive Director

To:       Artists, Food Artisans, Art Groups, Friends of the Arts

I am pleased to share good news that we can open the new Arts Emporium and Gallery this Saturday November 3, 2018—from 10 am to 8 pm at East Brook Mall. Stop by and take a look!

For those who receive our email notices and newsletters, you are aware this was a close call! It was a logistical challenge for everyone involved, but if we have a positive response from the arts community and public it will be totally wonderful.

We had only about three weeks to plan and promote and communicate with vendors. Yesterday, thanks to the good people at Quester’s Way, we reached a threshold level of support to give this new arts space a chance to open and grow, to give time for people to learn about it, to recruit vendors and build sustainability for a longer-term prosperity beyond the holiday season…to support artists across our region year-round.

Our 5th Annual Seasonal Crafts Fair, planned long ago, is also at the mall the same day—so those vendors will join others in the Emporium for the opening. It is a very large space with plenty of room to showcase everyone’s work in a new and exciting context. The craft fair will take place from 10am -5pm.

This project is a partnership between Windham Arts, East Brook Mall and Quester’s Way. It is an experiment with our regional arts economy—we are co-creating a new place—will you join us? Will you let others know?

Please stop by and take a look if you can and visit the people who stepped up first and took the leap of faith with us. Learn how you might find a connection to this effort to grow your own arts/food business.

I would deeply appreciate any thoughts or suggestions from anyone who visits the Emporium. We are very much in the creation stage—so we are open to creativity!

Individuals and small or large groups can participate and share the cost of a booth at very market-friendly pricing. Spread the news to your networks and other friends of the arts.

The basic information is below and full information with details is on the website:

  • $75 per month rental per booth with 10 X 10-foot area
  • Three-month agreement to cover November—January
  • Cost and booth space can be shared by small or large groups
  • Windham Arts covers staffing, utilities, insurance, such a deal…

Link to the Emporium and Gallery:


All previous posts and project updates are online at

The website will be updated, and email sent to partners to keep everyone aware and informed of progress toward our goal of 20 vendor booths.

Thanks for reading and sharing mi amigos, I am keeping the faith the for the arts in our region!

John Murphy

Executive Director