Windham Arts has launched a restructuring initiative to increase connection, communication and collaboration among artists, arts groups and friends of the arts from across its 36-town service area in Eastern Connecticut.

Early next year I will convene a new Community Advisory Board to begin work on the roots of our arts community and expand the regional foundation and service of Windham Arts.

Our hope is to increase unity and a sense of family as we work in our own ways to build the Connecticut arts economy and encourage public support.

Over the past 15 months I attended meetings across our region and I am inspired by the genuine love for art and localism I see everywhere. I have also seen how many artists are still working alone and disconnected from their communities. I can feel their struggle but I still see the potential! The limitations or obstacles don’t matter, if we do more with what we have and leverage our existing assets we can move forward and grow and raise the tide of good will that is beyond the reach of money. That tide of good will is the heart of sustainability.

My first step is here at home base within the Windham Arts website. If you are reading this we are already connected by email, newsletter or homepage. This will be the platform I invite you to join so we can co-create a regional network of people and groups who consciously collaborate on common goals with a shared vision of service to our region. We can do this now with no need for delay beyond proper planning and logistics.

This effort is already imbedded in local media channels and existing formats —radio, TV and print—that are currently in production and ready for content. As a media producer my support for this effort will be to share arts news and information and the stories you are creating by the work you are doing now, every day. The content is already here with us, it is you and what you do! This larger story just needs to be organized and prepared for a launch in January 2019.

I would like to start with quarterly meetings at first. I am especially interested in having a representative from each arts organization in our region (council, guild) because this would increase efficiency and the value of participation for all.

Quarterly meetings allow time for members to communicate with their locals and bring back information and suggestions to make this dynamic and responsive on both ends.


With time on our side and good communications this is all possible in the next year. All you need to do is send me an email so we know you are interested and want to learn more. Thanks for reading!


John Murphy, Executive Director,