My work conveys the beautiful balance of light and shadow in the landscape, still life, and human figure.  I capture the subtleties of how temperature, the time of day, and the source of light can alter the appearance of my subject. 

I enjoy the challenges of creating representational paintings of many diverse subject matter.  My figurative work sometimes captures the attitudes, emotions, and body language of my subjects, or depict their place in nature, home or as part of the universe.  Living close to the ocean and many lakes, the colors, shapes and patterns formed by water are also captured in many of my landscapes.

My encaustic work incorporates the abstract image with some storytelling.  I explore the infinite creative opportunities of a media that starts with melted wax, pigments and a hardener. Additions to this mixture include paper, shellac, paint, carving and found objects.

Education and training in the sciences provides a foundation for understanding, and accurately capturing, the anatomy of human figures or structures in nature. Study at the Rhode Island School of Design reinforces that foundation.