(Hebron, CT) – Eastern Connecticut’s vocal chamber ensemble, Voices of Concinnity, is pleased to present an inclusive, interactive, and innovative choral program titled called “Old, New, Borrowed, and… Long Overdue: an interactive tour of choral music by exploring the footnotes.” Our second performance of this program will be on Friday, November 22, 2019 at 7:00pm at St. Peters Episcopal Church in Hebron, Connecticut. There is no admission fee for this performance but donations will be gratefully accepted.

Dedicated to incorporating the role of the vocal color into crafting exquisite choral music, Voices of Concinnity is a 12-voice chamber ensemble of dedicated, seasoned choral artists from diverse backgrounds who are exploring the art of singing together. Through the experiment of vocal timbre and the arrangement of singers, Concinnity strives to maximize overtones and unity of sound to create a harmonious, artful landscape of voices. This chamber ensemble, founded in 2018 to help create affordable access for the community to experience professional-level, living music, performs choral music from the Renaissance to the contemporary.

Their sound described as being “like silky smooth butter in musical form” by an audience member, Voices of Concinnity is eager to present this program “Old, New, Borrowed, and… Long Overdue: an interactive tour of choral music by exploring the footnotes”. This choral concert will explore the “footnotes” by including the interesting tidbits that lend to the intriguing journey some of these songs have taken, such as Allegri’s famous “Miserere”, as well as the inclusion of composers who may have been relegated to the footnotes historically, such as Rhienberger, a brilliant composer considered of secondary importance by his contemporaries, or Cozzolani, a prominent 17th century composer of which you may not have heard. The inclusion of living composers, featuring Dunphy, Woo, and Quintana, rounds out this captivating program. This performance will be green by having the concert program available digitally and the audience will have the opportunity to engage with an app specifically designed for this program. The result will be an eclectic mix of artfully crafted choral selections, compelling stories of the music and their composers, and conversation starters by inviting the audience to explore inclusion in choral music through a little trivia.

Voices of Concinnity is sponsored by Consonare Choral Community, a non-profit organization in Mansfield to help cultivate consonance and build community through choral music in Connecticut through affordable and accessible programs. Admission is free, but donations are gratefully accepted to benefit Consonare Choral Community to ensure that presentations such as these will continue.