Local Arts Advocacy

~Community organizations & local government agencies dedicated to providing services to artists and arts organizations ~

Connecticut Office Of The Arts

The Connecticut Office of the Arts animates a culture of creativity across Connecticut by supporting arts making and arts participation for all people.

The Office of the Arts develops and strengthens the arts in Connecticut and makes artistic experiences widely available to residents and visitors. Through our grant programs, the Office of the Arts invests in Connecticut artists and arts organizations and encourages the public’s participation as creators, learners, supporters, and audience members. Through our programs and services, the Office of the Arts connects people to the arts and helps to build vital communities across the state.

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The Connecticut Art Alliance

Connecticut Arts Alliance (CAA) is a non-profit advocacy organization established in 2005. CAA is led by artists, educators, and arts executives from all over our state. Our unified voice promotes the importance of the arts in building healthy, vibrant, and connected communities.

What The Connecticut Art Alliance Does:

  • Raise awareness of the arts, their economic impact and benefits.
  • Advocate for increased funding for the arts.
  • Influence actions, policies, and programs that affect the arts.
  • Promote the value of the achievements of the arts industry.
  • Educate on how to advocate, especially to legislators and municipal leaders.
  • Ensure that the arts remain central to life throughout Connecticut.

Connecticut Association of Non-profits

The Alliance lends a powerful, collective voice to nonprofits throughout Connecticut, enhancing their capacity to build economically stable, healthy, and culturally rich communities.

The Alliance represents hundreds of nonprofit organizations across all categories, from Health and Human Service programs to Arts and Culture. We share the passion and purpose behind each and every one of our member’s mission and channel that purpose into a powerful, unified voice.

We lead from a position of strength, representing organizations while presenting a united front before the Connecticut Legislature, state agencies, other advocacy organizations, the public and the media. As a collective voice we develop strategies and public policies that make it possible for nonprofits to thrive

National Arts Advocacy

~Organizations committed to providing information on top issues affecting the arts across the country. These organizations work together & independently to promote & keep the arts alive & thriving in communities everywhere.~

National Endowment For The Arts (NEA)

The National Endowment for the Arts is an independent federal agency that funds, promotes, and strengthens the creative capacity of our communities by providing all Americans with diverse opportunities for arts participation.

MISSION STATEMENT: To strengthen the creative capacity of our communities by providing all Americans with diverse opportunities for arts participation.

VISION STATEMENT: A nation in which every American benefits from arts engagement, and every community recognizes and celebrates its aspirations and achievements through the arts.

New England Foundation For The Arts

NEFA invests in artists and communities and fosters equitable access to the arts, enriching the cultural landscape in New England and the nation.

NEFA contributes to a nation where artists flourish and communities celebrate art as essential to a thriving, equitable society.

Each program and project that is brought to life at NEFA is created with the underlying goal of building a stronger and more dynamic infrastructure for the arts. Convenings, network building, online tools, and a 30+ year history of data-driven research on the economic impact of the arts are essential complements to NEFA’s grantmaking.

NEFA is a grantmaker, program initiator, aggregator of resources, and builder of creative partnerships among artists, arts organizations and funders. Our work is generously supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, the New England state arts agencies, foundations, corporations, and individual donors.

Americans For The Arts

Our mission is to build recognition and support for the extraordinary and dynamic value of the arts and to lead, serve, and advance the diverse networks of organizations and individuals who cultivate the arts in America.

Connecting your best ideas and leaders from the arts, communities, and business, together we can work to ensure that every American has access to the transformative power of the arts.

Our vision is that the arts are recognized as integral to the lives of all people and essential to healthy, vibrant and equitable communities across the nation.

Our mission is to build recognition and support for the extraordinary and dynamic value of the arts and to lead, serve, and advance the diverse networks of organizations and individuals who cultivate the arts in America.

Performing Arts Alliance

The Performing Arts Alliance is the national policy advocate, leadership forum, and learning network for America’s nonprofit performing arts organizations, artists, and allies.

The Performing Arts Alliance envisions a United States in which the diverse ecology of the performing arts is deeply-valued and supported, adequately and equitably resourced, and where participation is accessible to all.

Educational Theatre Association

The Educational Theatre Association (EdTA) is a national nonprofit organization with approximately 135,000 student and professional members.

“To shape lives by sharing ideas and supporting efforts to have theatre arts education (including film, television, and other related media) recognized in all phases of education and lifelong learning.”

Legislation Advocacy For The Arts

~Local & National Organizations working to promote a legislative agenda for the arts in the legislature.~

The Connecticut General Assembly

Legislator and committee information, bill tracking.

The Connecticut General Assembly is the state legislature of the U.S. state of Connecticut. It is a bicameral body composed of the 151-member House of Representatives and the 36-member Senate.

National Assembly Of State Arts Agencies

NASAA and the state arts agencies advance the arts for the well-being and prosperity of our nation’s individuals, communities and families. NASAA is the association of America’s 56 state and jurisdictional arts agencies.

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CT Mirror

The Connecticut Mirror is a nonprofit media organization in Connecticut in the United States. It is headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut. The online-only newspaper focuses on public policy and political issues in the state.